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Fit for royalty, includes meal and drinks plus your own jar of signature Dead Sea Peel-Off Mask and your choice of one La Vita All Skin Type Facial product.

MAJESTIC MILANESE FACIAL - A gentle cleansing facial leaving your skin in perfect harmony which includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation and our signature Dead Sea Peel-Off Mask which instantly minimizes the traces of time, firming and lifting the skin.

HOTSTONE FULL BODY MASSAGE - Experience the ultimate relaxation. Incorporating smooth heated basalt stones to promote a sedative and re-energizing response. The luxury of touch, combined with the warm stones, melts away stress and tension. Extremely relaxing and therapeutic.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - An ancient Indian form of massage for face, head, neck and shoulders. This technique is used widely for relieving tension headaches and daily pressure. Working on specific pressure points you are sure to feel energized and revitalized.

SPA PARAFFIN MANICURE - Pampering mani for beautiful hands. This treatment includes nail and hand exfoliation, nourishing cuticles, buffing and reshaping nails, followed by a soothing hand massage and a paraffin dip giving you great benefits. Truly hydrating and softening. Finish with the nail colour of your choice.

SPA PARAFFIN PEDICURE - This pedi includes deep extensive exfoliation, a hydrating and refreshing mask, removal of callouses, corns and nail care. The paraffin wax dip will ensure that your feet remain supple and moisturized for a longer period. Finish with the nail colour of your choice.

FOOT MASSAGE - Relieve your stress and all the anxiety with a soothing foot massage. Increases blood supply to body tissue, improving energy and alertness.