Increased Revenue For Your Property          


Providing a complete spa solution, La Vita will assess and propose a spa structure suitable to the size, location and clientele of your property.

Almost any property with over 50 rooms or apartments will benefit financially from the introduction of an onsite wellness spa.

For close on 20 years La Vita has continued to provide a steady and lucrative source of income to property owners by introducing and managing wellness spas on behalf of property owners.

The La Vita model is designed to enhance occupancy and revenue by promoting wellness packages combined with accommodation, meals and Spa treatments to create highly competitive and desirable getaways, whilst providing a world class daily Spa service to in-house guests.

During 2015, La Vita generated 15,000 additional room night rentals for its resort partners by offering wellness packages.

A comprehensive retail collection of affordable and high end spa products, as well as a gift collection, adds to the revenue streams. 


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