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Dramatically reshape your body with the latest cellulite reversal technology.

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Treatment includes:

Ultra Sound Cavitation, Infra-Red, Radio Frequency and Vacuum Suction

Ultrasound Cavitation (DISSOLVES FAT) 

  • Best alternative to liposuction
    • Bursts fat cell walls to reduce fat content
    • Visibly flattens fat deposits (love handles, thighs)
    • Works long after treatment to eliminate body fat
    • Also known as LIPOSLIM 
    • This treatment may generate warmth & slight discomfort

Radio-Frequency (RF) (ULTRA-LIFTING)

  • Best treatment for tightening & firming of sagging skin
    • Stimulates collagen & elasticity
    • Increases oxygen & nutrient availability to the cells
    • Delivers heat at deep levels to thicken collagen
    • This treatment may generate a slight heat sensation

Vacuum Suction (FIRMING)

  • Drastically increases the metabolic rate
    • Smoothens dimpled skin & reverses cellulite
    • Improves lymphatic circulation & eliminates waste products
    • Increases the thickness of collagen strands
    • Also known as ENDERMOLOGY
    • May feel warm & cause slight discomfort

Infra-Red Light Therapy

  • Increases body temperature, improving blood flow 
    • Lightens discoloration & evens skin tone
    • Reduces inflammation, blemishes & redness of the skin
    • Releases excess toxins from the body
    • This treatment emits a slight heat sensation

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