Rioma Cominelli, a well-known South African business woman of Italian Descent, who was born and lives in South Africa has always been involved in property and the leisure industry before becoming increasingly aware of the lack of adequate wellness services available to South African woman specifically for our environment, our climate, lifestyle and budget. It was largely out of sheer frustration at the inability to easily access wellness and health facilities that met her expectations, which had led Rioma to begin a chain of Spas in early 2000′s.

Today with over 23 Spas around South Africa & United Kingdom and with a number more in the pipeline, Rioma with her team of passionate business partners has achieved a following of some 30,000 regular customers.

I started my interest in beauty and wellness when I had a failed dermabrasion at the age of 17 and in pursuit of repairing the damage to my skin, I came across many options which either promised things they could not deliver, or made me feel like I was not good enough, or even in some cases just gave a service so poor that I gave up trying. Whilst La Vita Spas(formerly Cellu-Beauty) are not my main business, they have probably given me more pleasure than most things in business, specifically when customers experience life changing treatments, and bond with our specialist individuals, continuing to visit our Spas around the country, and joining our programmes. The loyalty and feedback has been an inspiration and truly rewarding. Essentially today we engage and ask you our customers what you want and where. Believe me we do not always get it right and in the early days, many a story may be told of how some customers were double booked 6 times in a row and no matter how hard we tried our central reservations systems did not deliver what you expected. So as a result today we do it the way you want. We book you when you want to in any way whether it be from the central number, by email, by calling the resort or the Spa. You do what suits you and we in most cases are proud to say that we exceed your expectation and we know because you have told us so.

Please read my blog page ( – I am really obsessed with anti-ageing and now at the age of 52 – am pleased that there are many things I have discovered that whilst we do not supply these services, we are able to point you in the right direction. Come chat with us and maybe we can help keep you younger and fitter and just looking and feeling better. That’s what gives our team our kicks. Whether you have visited one of our Spas or not – I would love you to give me some feedback on what you like or don’t so our team can contact you and offer you some advice. We are building memberships to link like-minded people together for wellness, anti-ageing and also for relationship issues. Sign up for our free newsletter and tell us what topics you want covered – we will research and get other comments on that! We are setting up get together in towns around the country where key topics of relationships, wellness and anti-ageing form the core of Lifestyle improvement. It just works so well to talk and share ideas. I bet if you think back, most of the best things that have happened to you were recommended by a friend or someone you know. So we believe it’s the safest way – talking to like-minded people who are driven to sell you something. Compare notes and enjoy the collective information gathered by people who are similar to you.