8 Amazing Benefits Of Green Tea

8 Amazing Benefits Of Green Tea

Charanee Marimuthu

Coffee may keep you awake but if you ever want to enjoy a multitude of benefits from a hot beverage – then join us at La Vita and switch over to this refreshing beverage.

Here's some of the amazing benefits of green tea.

1. Weight Loss
This miracle tea aids in turning foods into calories faster. And if you are already on a diet and trying to watch your calories, you’d be pleased to know that 100ml of green tea contains just 1 calorie.

2. Blood Pressure
Know someone that suffers from high blood pressure? Try drinking a cup of green tea on a regular basis. Studies have shown that it can aid in lowering ones blood pressure.

3. Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial
Due to the amount of antioxidants found in green tea, it assists with building ones immunity so that common hindrances like influenza and the cold stay at bay.

4. Cholesterol
Studies have proven that green tea reduces the amount of blood concentration of bad cholesterol in an individual. In addition it leaves behind the good cholesterol.

5. Cancer
Out of all the amazing properties of green tea, the one that stands out the most has to be its ability to reduce ones risk of certain cancers. It should be noted however that green tea should not be consumed by persons undergoing any form of chemotherapy.

6. Mortality
A cup of green tea a day has been proven to decrease ones chance of death by 4%.

7. Heart Disease
Another major benefit relates to cardio vascular disease. Heart attacks have proven to be one of the leading causes of death, year in and year out. By consuming a glass of green tea a day ones risk of dying from cardio vascular disease is lowered by 5%.

8. Diabetes
Regular consumption of green tea has been proven to lower ones fasting blood sugar levels.

So for a healthier lifestyle, join the La Vita girls by making green tea your go to drink.