The Ultimate Spa Guide for Men

The Ultimate Spa Guide for Men

Charanee Marimuthu

It’s easy for the modern man to view his first spa experience as daunting. The unfamiliarity of the treatments, the gender stigma attached to it, the confusion when deciding if a manicure and pedicure is for you. The experience however is worth it. Why, you may ask. Well it’s been proven that a spa day is both physically and mentally beneficial to men and women alike.

La Vita has come up with a short guide on which spa treatments would be best for the modern man.



If you are looking for a sure fire way to maintain youthful skin then we suggest a facial, more specifically a Classic Soothing Facial.

The effects of constant shaving can often leave a guy’s skin feeling rough, and dry. A facial helps with circulating blood around the face, moisturizing the skin, and cleaning out blocked pores.

How does it do this?
A few of the steps in this rejuvenating process include steaming the face, to open up the pores. Exfoliating the skin, to remove dead skin cells, and applying a mask to assist with ridding ones face of any excess white heads and fine hair.

The result?
Softer, smoother, vibrant skin.



Your hands and feet are forever in use. No work is done without them. If you’re into sports, then you understand how wear and tear not only affects your shoes but the soles of your feet as well. That is where the MANIpedi comes in. And no we aren’t suggesting a little nail polish on those cuticles, in fact MANIpedis have nothing to do with nail polish at all. It is basically a mini luxury treatment dedicated to rejuvenating your hands and feet.

How does it do this?
The spa therapist will soak your hands and feet in warm water, this allows for the softening of your nails, cuticles and skin. Once done your nails will be cleaned, and your cuticles removed. Your nails will be filed and buffed and the therapist will end by massaging and moisturizing your hands and feet.

The results?
Neater looking, and softer feeling hands and feet.

Destress Massages


Destress massages are not only for overworked mums, and girls looking for a spa day out. These massages are also great for sporty guys with strained muscles, even your average Joe whom needs a break from his 9 to 5 routine. Massages in general have a lot of benefits, and all you need to do to reap these benefits is lie down and relax.

How does it do this?
Our therapists are trained to discover those troublesome areas on your back, neck and shoulders. After which they stimulate the muscles and relax the tissues. Leaving you in a state of pure bliss.

The results?
Well apart from the pure bliss? It has been proven that a 50 minute massage can alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, ease muscle pain, relieve tension headaches, improve blood circulation, and boost your mood.

Do you have any favourite treatments that we haven’t mentioned? Tell us about it in the comments.