Autism & Gut Health

Autism & Gut Health

Shamila Moodley

A major review has concluded that Autism has nothing to do with the brain. Autism can be checked and even reversed by focusing on the gut. 

According to “What Doctors Won’t Tell You”, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often starts when the gut is compromised with toxins or antibiotics, which causes an imbalance between “good” and bad bacteria. The imbalance makes the gut lining more permeable, so that toxins, and even undigested foods, can get into the bloodstream and ultimately the brain.

Dr Qinrui Li of Peking University in China whose team reviewed more than 150 papers said “Many environmental factors can compromise the gut, from antibiotics to the health of the mother, and the length of time a baby was breastfed. 

Dr Li further stated that the conclusion is borne out by the symptoms of many autistic children, who often experience gut problems, such as diarrhea, constipation or flatulence.

But the cause also holds the key to a solution he says. Restoring the gut microbiota can go a long way to reversing the problem, and taking probiotics, prebiotics or changing the diet to one that is gluten and casein free had a positive impact on symptoms.

Introducing these dietary changes improved sociability, reduced repetitive behavior and enhanced social communication. 

Dr Li described the findings as a “breakthrough” in autism treatment.