Gut and Heart Failure

Gut and Heart Failure

Shamila Moodley

New research has found that Doctors monitor cholesterol levels to prevent cardiovascular disease, but they should switch their focus to the gut. A sudden loss of bacteria in the gut triggers heart failure. 

Pharmaceutical drugs and diseases such as type 2 diabetics can alter the bacteria in the gut, known as the gut microbiome and can change the diet according to “What Doctors Won’t Tell You”. 

Researchers from University Hospital Schleswig Holstein in Germany examined stool samples of healthy people and patients who’ve suffered heart failure and

discovered the link between gut bacteria and heart health. Both groups had similar diets, and yet the heart patients had significantly lower levels of specific families of bacteria that control inflammation. 

The researchers further say that changes to gut bacteria could be an early marker of heart failure. Their discoveries are supported by earlier research that had suggested that TMAO (trimethylamine N – oxide), a metabolic product of gut bacteria, was a risk factor for fatal heart failure.

It now seems like that bacteria itself creates the risk from “What Doctors Won’t Tell You”.