Change Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Change Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Shamila Moodley

As the season changes into winter, so should your skin care routine. In the KZN Drakensberg where I live, winter means one thing: cooler temperatures, dry air and drier skin and snow.

When the temperature drops, so does the humidity level, combine this with heavy winds and the use of heaters, you get cracked lips, itchy skin and other sensitive skin issues.

When we start feeling the effects winter, these simple skin care tips will get you through.


1, Up the Hydration

It’s so easy to get caught up in your day to day life and forget to drink plenty of water.

Use skin-quenching skin care products to hydrate from inside and outside In the winter.


  1. Hot Showers Are a No No

Long, steamy, hot showers may sound divine after a day in the cold but hot water strips natural oils from your skin.

Ensure that all your hydration efforts are not wasted, turn water temperature down and keep your showers short as possible.


  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the number 1 beauty essential year round

Protect your skin from winter sun damage with sunscreen that contains SPF 15 or more. Also use a lip balm.