Get some “Me Time”

Get some “Me Time”

Shamila Moodley

You don’t need to feel bad  when you treat yourself to a little “me time” I would like to encourage all  of you hard working spa loving people, to treat yourself to a day at the closest La Vita Spa.

There are all types of ways to enjoy your quality “me time”; whether it’s with a spa manicure, spa pedicure, a full body aromatherapy massage, a facial or just a nice long rest in the steam / sauna rooms and hydro facilities.

Don’t feel guilty for treating yourself! Life needs to be a balance of pleasure and pain, of work and play, of effort and reward. You could regard your spa day as  “me time “ as a reward for the hard work and good deeds you do over the week.

A spa day is something you can look forward to and work towards. Call any La Vita Spa countrywide to make your booking (