Meet the La Vita Ladies (Dina)

Meet the La Vita Ladies (Dina)

Charanee Marimuthu
Introducing Dina Marie Kok

We interviewed Dina, Spa manager at Pinnacle Point Estate and Spa and this is what she had to say about her journey with La Vita Spas thus far.

What do you love most about La Vita Spas?
The growth potential in La Vita Spa! The company really invests in each and every individual and grows their talents to such an extent that every employee is able to blossom and live out their dreams and passion. It gives me great pleasure in seeing that employees’ insights and ideas are valued and taken into account when making decisions. This is but just one of the countless reasons that I love the brand as it empowers employees’ lives positively.

How do you cope with the day to day managing of your branch?
I work from a list of tasks, compiled by myself daily. Every task which I need to follow through with is therefore added to my “To Do list”. My aim is to never get side tracked from this list, and importantly attending to the most important. Time management is extremely important within my role as Spa manager. I set daily goals for myself and strive to achieve them. As such, if you do not have set goals in place, you are actually working towards nothing…and that is extremely scary. Success is definitely where preparation meets opportunities. By preparing daily tasks one by one, in order of importance and completing them to the best of your abilities, this enables you to steer clear of unwanted and unnecessary stress.

Which treatment do you enjoy administering the most and why?
This is a difficult, yet easy one to answer… I love every single treatment that I perform on my clients, as the needs of every single client is different and when you meet or even exceed your clients expectations, this is the greatest reward that you can ever ask for. The feeling of a truly satisfied client is both extremely humbling and rewarding at the same time.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?
Still flying the La Vita Spa flag high. I do see myself in assisting to open more Spas within the company. I would love to be involved in implementing training and continuous development and to increase treatment standards as well as be a trend setter with quintessential treatments and products as well as producing a profitable turnover. We always need to strive to be better than yesterday.
Iron rusts from disuse, water loses its purity from stagnation… even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind… (Anonymous)