Mom needs a weekend too

Mom needs a weekend too

Rioma Cominelli

May “moms month” is closing out and Mothers Day is just a distant memory or is it?  Moms around the world will agree with me I am sure…. do we ever get a weekend? On a Sunday evening do you ever feel like you need a weekend from your weekend? I know I do! 

My 10 month old has me running around, from keeping offending items out of her mouth, preventing her from any danger, playing, singing, making food, bottles, cleaning, diapers, wet wipes, bath time, garden walks and cleaning up the wake left behind. Shew! Did I leave anything out? Probably – myself. 

Tangled up in being a mom and the endless selfless acts will leave you tired and drained. Where, when and how do you relax? 

Did you know that La Vita Spas are open late? Well there are! What a delight, while on holiday or at your spa nearby, book yourself a late night treatment. The kids are fed, bathed and asleep, leave hubby behind and go get that white fluffy robe on! I suggest a wonderful massage. Once complete you can just melt into bed and fall asleep  – bliss.