We all need Girlfriends

We all need Girlfriends

Rioma Cominelli

Do we ever have enough time for everyone is our lives? My weekends are divided between spending time with my daughter, husband, family and friends. Sometimes we can mix them all together in a large function. When I do, it is normally mass chaos of conversations and running after children. At the end of one of those “get-togethers” I will sit back, and reflect, “did I have any real conversations or time with my girlfriends?” Did we spend the whole time talking about kids and listening with half an ear as we have one eye on our little escape artists.

Sometimes I long for an hour of time with those treasured women that make you feel sane. Some coffee, gossip and a little bit of shopping. To actually give them my full attention, and them to hear me pour my heart out too. No one understands as much as your girlfriends do, when it comes to juggling work and mommy-hood.

I love the idea of a spa day, for you and your girlfriends, catching up over manicures. Feeling completely relaxed in fluffy robes, pampered to the max. Selborne Golf Estate Hotel & Spa in conjunction with La Vita Spas are running a wonderful competition for you and your girlfriend to completely escape for 4 hours! Absolute bliss!

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