Stress and Anxiety - A Spa Treatment is your solution!

Stress and Anxiety - A Spa Treatment is your solution!

Avitha Haridass

According to the Single Care 2020 Survey, increasing levels of stress are a major factor in people’s lives. One of the major contributions to stress levels is work pressure. Children and adults who have also experienced some sort of trauma which puts them on the edge causing a rise of their adrenalin levels and causing their body to go into fight mode resulting them in having anxiety and panic attacks.  Genetics also plays a part.  There are various ways to reduce your anxiety and stress levels including those of your family.  If you feel unable to cope or manage your stress levels, it’s advisable to seek help from your medical Practioner


Some types of Stress

Chronic stress – Long term, ongoing pressure imposed on the body or mind. Chronic stress is the most dangerous forms of stress, as it doesn’t have a clear trigger. For example, anxiety can be triggered by something or someone. However, an event or circumstance can cause anxiety without any obvious trigger in both cases. People who suffer from stress and anxiety, can cause harm to their body through long term effects and their minds. 

Managing daily stress – Having the opportunity to talk about your feelings and about your stress is beneficial in helping you cope and reduce feelings of isolation. You can also talk to a friend, partner, or family member to figure out what’s causing your stress and anxiety. However, sometimes it’s difficult to identify the source of the stress because symptoms don’t always manifest themselves immediately. If you’re working too much, it may be necessary to change your work practices or discuss your feelings with your supervisor. Another way to manage stress or anxiety is taking time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. One of the best methods to relax is and taking your mind off everything, is visiting a spa. There is nothing so satisfying yet relaxing than getting yourself pampered.


Why does a Spa treatment Help for Stress and Anxiety?

If you’ve ever been to La Vita Spa, you know that it’s not only about relaxation, but the mental benefits are exceptional as well. Stress and anxiety are common ailments in modern society, and spa treatments can help combat these symptoms and promote overall wellness. Spa treatments can also improve a person’s mood, which can boost their productivity at work or school. Stress and anxiety are more than enough reasons to visit a spa.

A relaxing spa treatment can improve energy and improve mood. During the treatment, dopamine levels are increased, and you can feel a lot better than before. The process also increases blood flow, which delivers oxygen to all the body’s cells. Increasing health, energy, and mood. During the treatment, spa professionals will pay close attention to the health of their clients and make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed. It will help them remove the negative effects of stress and anxiety and help them lead healthier and happier life.

In addition to relieving physical discomfort, spa treatment can alleviate mental and emotional stress. A deep tissue massage can release built up stress and tension, which is essential for overall relaxation. The mind is also relaxed once the muscles relax. Getting a massage will also help reduce stress and anxiety levels. The aromatherapy alone will help you get back to work and feel refreshed. It can be extremely beneficial to a person suffering from anxiety and depression.

La Vita Spa will help you in reducing those tension causing stress levels. Let us help you on a regular basis to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.